Fast Formwork

Fast formwork from NOPIN, is a very effective and durable system, thanks to it being adjustable for heights of up to 4.10 m and to its light weight, allowing quick and easy installation. We can work with different widths between frames thanks to the different sizes of crossfittings available.

It is a perfect solution for shoring slabs with many hanging beams as well as for shoring the hanging beams themselves. Fast formwork is compatible with the fork system with H20 type wooden beams which allow you to raise the maximum height of the system.

The biggest advantage of this system is that it is not necessary to add a height-adjusting shaft since the frame is placed directly on the prop, with positive results for material and labour costs. When it is necessary to attach a prop to the H20 fork beam system, it is necessary to shore up the props or attach a retaining tripod. With the fast formwork system, there is no need to place the tripod or shore up the props. In addition, safety levels increase since the formwork modules support the formwork in four places.”

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