Handy formwork from NOPIN, is a lightweight modular formwork solution, designed to be handled by hand without the need for a crane thanks to its reduced weight (31 kg/m2). It is ideal for all types of work such as enclosures, foundations, walls, pillars, braces, beam edges, lift shafts, wells, pipelines, and even larger walls with two faces.

This formwork is designed in such a way that it is possible to adapt it to any shape, corner, or hole and can be combined both horizontally and vertically, even with steps or uneven terrain. The joining system is easy, fast & secure. This is done through a quick stapling system that clamps on even without using a hammer. Its reinforced steel structure withstands a maximum pressure of 40 kN/m2. It is protected by an epoxy polyester paint and has a 12 mm thick phenolic wood board to achieve the perfect finish.

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