Telescopic Prop

The NOPIN prop is an adjustable telescopic plank made of high-strength S-275-JR steel and protected against corrosion with an epoxy-polyester powder with a minimum thickness of 60 microns, allowing formwork systems to be shored up and any type of slabwork to be carried out.

NOPIN has a wide range of 1- to 6-metre props of different thicknesses and diameters that allow you to prop up any type of slab.

In addition, NOPIN offers the chance to customise the prop with the logo and corporate colours of each individual company.

NOPIN prop tubes are made using a steel tube with excellent mechanical properties which give the prop great performance against compression loads.

Props by NOPIN have been tested by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction and Cement in Madrid. Tests carried out according to report No. 18,257 contract AK-35-03 on 22 September 2003.